A life between bull terriers, pekineses, greyhounds and pugs!!!

Friederike 5 years old and Carmen

My mother Marie-Elisabeth von Meding bought her first bull terrier bitch Carmen von der Freiheitsliebe for breeding in 1954 , after she had bred 15 years sheepdogs. Already in the 60’s she prophesied that the race bull terrier perishes in the unawareness of the people (or by wrong contact of this breed). This really arrived 40 years later. In the 1st alphabet Gringo and his litter sister Gemini vom Bockelsberg became a Weltsieger (world winner). Judge was the world-famous breeder Eva Weatherill (Souperlative). Feline (owned by Petra Mahret „Ordensjaeger”) became a Bundessieger (federal winner) and her litter sister Fiesta became a Clubsieger (club winner).

Friederike and Carmen

Baucis vom Bockelsberg

Baucis vom Bockelsberg

  • In the 2nd alphabet Baucis, our "golden goose" with her daughter Ginger who won 2nd places in spite of an over shot -what was a reason for the elemination back then on dog shows- and achieved the 3rd place on the Bundessieger-Show in the Weltsiegerjugendklasse (class of world winning novices). Unfortunately, Ginger passed away 3-year-old by a veterinarian's mistake.
Ginger vom Bockelsberg

Ginger vom Bockelsberg

Kaybella vom Bockelsberg
  • Kaybella, her nicest daughter (and without over shot), was never shown. But our English breeder friends were impressed that there are such dogs also on the continent. Regrettably her owners didn’t feel up to make her available for us

Kaybella vom Bockelsberg

  • Gladys, Gingers litter sister, was among other things Bundessieger (federal winner) and stood still before Ginger.
  • Jule became a common bitch with Helmut Levin, "Big Ben's"
  • Jorinda was showed twice and won twice
  • Mable became known as a mother of Pearl
  • Both – Pearl and her grandmother Baucis – won not only the European Trophy*, but also impressed with their quality to bequeath their features
  • Muriel became a Bundessieger (federal winner) in Austria and won there still other prizes.


Pearl vom Bockelsberg

Pearl vom Bockelsberg

* Short explanation of the European Trophy - It is carried out according to the English model: the 10 best dogs of the year per country – values after the sum of the exhibition results – were nominated and invited. From our kennel "Bockelsberg" many dogs were appointed.

The kennel "Bockelsberg" supported, by the way, various other kennels in their upcoming, e.g. "Allemannentrutz" of Dr. D. Fleig. In 1966 I became an associate of the kennel "Bockelsberg". My key aspects of activity: Births, covers and dog shows. Beside this we had one more mainline: white bull terriers with the common bitch Alatna

Amara vom Bockelsberg

Her daughter Inea brought delightfully offsprings, ending with Amara.

She became best in show winner with nine months against 120 dogs. (Judge was Arthur Miller- kennel Brobar).

Amara vom Bockelsberg

Multich. Seqouiah Silver Light

Multich. Seqouiah Silver Light Vater von Pearl

With our choice of the stud dogs which we got from England we had a lot of luck, they fitted very well

This were:


Multich. Acton County at Seqouiah Vater von Amara

Hollyfir's of Balthasar brought in terrifically a lot of his good character, and Kearby's Goblin who was used already in the 60th in England brought in a lot of type

photo album typical Bockelsberg

Additionally my mother always owned Pekinese which felt very well after the standard at that time. Trimbar's of Fleur was only showed once and was immediately awarded on the Bundessiegershow (federal winner's show) with a mark V2 (V= excellent)

Trimbar's Fleur

Fleur was a present for my 21st birthday. I took her with me towards my apprenticeship and got to know Peter Faulstroh due to her. He was the owner of the Saluki kennel "el Sarajie", late "el Gazal". From him I learnt a lot – up to his death.

Trimbar's Fleur

Mata Salamatas blood goes back on the blood line of the "el Sarajie" dogs of Peter Faulstroh. Here a circle of my Saluki breeding closed

Nyulfogo's Szepzeges

Since 1968 I also owned greyhounds. In 1974 I have registered the kennel name Maunakea's as a trademark. The 3-year-old white greyhound bitch Nyulfogo's Szepzeges (as I took her over from the animal shelter, she had coat only from the head up to the shoulder). 1 year later she became European winner as a prelude, federal winner and won 11 province winner's titles, VDH-Dt.-Int. Ch. Unfortunately, she never got puppies and died already at the age of 7 years.


After my parents died in 1985 in a traffic accident, above all I got the marvellous dogs Pearl and Amara. In 1989 my kennel was the first kennel in Europe from which first the father, then the daughter could win the European Trophy could. In 1995 I made my last litter, the third named with J initials.

We exported bull terrier puppies to America, Africa (to German ambassadors), England, Canada, Spain, Denmark and other one. Many of them became Champions in their countries.

I finished the bullterrier breeding spontaneously after the death of Pearl. I recommended other breeders to my prospective buyers. My dogs remained with me to their end of life.


In 1991 I bought the Black-and-Tan-Saluki bitch Mata Salamata's Quatiifah from the very successful Saluki breeder Jakob Pribil. In 1995 she had only one litter with 6 puppies.

Ch. Maunakea's Asmahan

German champion Maunakea's Asmahan Ala el Din was showed only once and became the best young dog of the show. Adschib was showed three times in one year, as last of the brothers, and was awarded three times with V1 CAC

photo album:
a big personality
Ch. Maunakea's Adschib

My private life did not admit another Saluki litter. Today the dogs are 11 years old and live with me..

photo album Greyhounds

In 2005 I called J. Roesner which I know from the greyhounds since in '70th and asked for a pug bitch. His reputation as a cynologist and successful breeder is unprecedented and he advised, I should ask Monique Jansen- she is even better “than me”. This washed with me and I got Kimberly vom Ulmer Haus on the 18th of April 2005. After one year Tara-Maria joined us and I have to say: my heart is young again , I learn from Monique a lot and I am looking forward what will occur in the future.

 With a lot of gratitude from me to Monique and with her help a new chapter in the kennel “ vom Bockelsberg” begins .

Friederike von Meding